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Welfare and Emergency Services

In case of an emergency, to contact the ambulance, police or fire brigade:

Telephone: 000

The local police station is:         Bass Hill Police Station

73 Marks Street, Bass Hill NSW 2162

Telephone: 9645 9999                    Fax:  9645 9916

There are many doctors and medical centres in the Chester Hill area. These are some of the closest Doctors and Medical Centres to the school:

Dr Nguyen

83 Miller Road, Chester Hill NSW 2162

Telephone:  9743 7380

Chester Hill Family Medical Practice

100 Waldron Road, Chester Hill NSW 2162

Telephone:  9644 2180

Blaxland Family Medical Centre

178 Waldron Road, Chester Hill NSW 2162

Telephone:  9645 5030

The nearest hospitals to the school are:

Auburn Hospital

Hargrave Road, Auburn NSW 2144

Telephone:  8759 3000

Bankstown Hospital

70 Eldridge Road, Bankstown NSW 2200

Telephone:  9722 8000

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