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Item Price
 Trousers - Elastic Waist    $30.00
 Shorts - Elastic Waist $20.00 
 CHHS S/S Button Shirt $20.00 
CHHS Tartan Skirt $42.00
CHHS Mid Grey Slacks  $38.00
CHHS Mid Grey Long Skirt $40.00
CHHS S/S Button Blouse  $25.00 
CHHS White Custom Polo $24.00
CHHS Sloppy Joe $25.00
Official School Jumper $46.00
Official Cotton Acrylic Cardigan $50.00
School Soft Shell Jacket  $43.00
CHHS School Tie $20.00
CHHS Cap - Embroidered $15.00
Bucket Hat $15.00
CHHS Microfibre Jacket $50.00
CHHS Microfibre Track Pants $40.00
CHHS S/S Sport Polo $30.00
CHHS Sport Shorts $29.00


Uniform Shop - New Hours

As of February, 2017
Tuesday: 8:30am  --  11:30pm
Mon, Wed and Fridays available to students at lunchtime





Plain Black Scarves are available from the Uniform Shop for $5.00.




Revised list as at 01.01.2017



*   White (plain) socks or black or beige pantyhose
*   BLACK shoes (Clarks Style School Shoe) (black leather lace-up school shoes ONLY). Heels no higher than 6cm.  NO platform shoes
*   Tartan (Maroon/Grey/Black) skirt pleated (2 front and 2 back)
*   Custom polo/button shirt with emblem Years 7-9 or white shirt (with collar, sleeves and buttons)
*  Custom white shirt (with collar, sleeves and buttons) compulsory Years 10, 11, and 12
*   Mid-grey tailored pants/slacks
*  Mid-grey long skirt
*   Official school jumper
*   Official school cardigan
*   Official soft-shell school jacket
*  Official school tie (optional)
*   Head scarf (white only)
*   Maroon/White official Cheso neck scarf OR a plain black /plain white scarf ONLY (may be worn in Winter)


*   White (plain) socks
*   BLACK shoes (Clarks Style School Shoe)(black leather lace-up school shoes ONLY).  
*   Custom polo/button shirt with emblem or white shirt (with collar, sleeves and buttons)
*   Mid-grey school trousers - (elasticised)
*   Mid-grey school shorts
*   Official School Jumper
*   Official Soft-Shell School Jacket
*    Official school tie (optional)
*   Maroon/White official Cheso scarf/plain black scarf ONLY (may be worn in Winter)




* Official school sports shorts
* CHHS PE/Sport shirt (compulsory for all years)
* Socks and sport shoes (lace-up only- no canvas shoes)  
* School tracksuit pants/School tracksuit jacket
* School cap or hat
* Head scarf  - white OR (maroon may be worn with full sport uniform on Tuesdays only)


NOTE:     On Tuesdays Years 8 – 12 may wear Full School Sports Uniform as listed above,

                (part sport and part school uniform - is not acceptable)

           Year 7 may wear the School Tracksuit/School Maroon Sports Shorts on Special Sport/Gala Days.

Additional Information:-

  1. School Uniform is compulsory. It is expected that the Chester Hill High School uniform will be worn with pride. All uniform is to be worn as designed, and not altered in any way.   Only the uniform items listed above are acceptable.
     For all excursions or out of school activities, full school uniform must be worn. Variations to this will be noted on permission notes sent home.
  2. Footwear - Occupational, Health & Safety regulations require the following:-
     School - Black leather fully enclosed lace-up shoes (Clarks Style) must be worn.
     Sport/PD/H/PE - lace-up sport shoes only that provide adequate support and grip. (No canvas shoes)
  3. Make-up and Jewellery -
     - No excessive make-up.
     - No excessive jewellery.
     - Earrings may be only studs or small sleepers.





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