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Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child's wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer your enquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.




Ms Z Dabaja


Deputy Principals

Ms C Mateus  (Yrs 8 & 9)

Mr P Rosewall  (Yrs 10 & 12)

Ms J Cremin    (Yrs 7 & 11)


Head Teacher Administration

Mr J Bellavia (Student Attendance, Staff Cover) 


Head Teacher Welfare

Ms T Smith Rlg.


School Counsellors

Mr T Norris

Ms K English



Ms F Campbell Rlg.



Mrs D Abouslaibi (Wed, Fri)

Mrs S Fifita (Thur)

Ms T Le (Fri)

Ms C Naw (Mon)


Administrative Manager

Ms P Sweedman

 Administrative Officers (Office)

Mrs D Atkins

Mrs T Calderon

Mrs C May  (p/t M,T,W)

Mrs A Paschalidis

Mrs D Senior

Ms K Crocker (p/t M,T,W)

Mrs A Becvarovska (p/t Th, F)


Mrs K Cox

Mrs R Quinnell (M W T, alt F)

 Library Officer

Mrs K Lim

 General Assistant

Mr P Irons

Laboratory Officer

Mrs M Crelley 

TAS Officer

Mrs M Spagnolo



Visual Arts/Music - F

Mr P. Htoo (Rlg. HT)

Ms C Reynolds (p/t)

Ms A Truong

Ms K Mulheron (p/t)

Ms Z Watson


Mr P Htoo

Ms R Arnold


Ms F Patrizi


English - F

Ms J Sullivan (HT Rlg.)

Mrs A Chakarovski

Ms J Cremin (DP act.)

Ms C Hartley

Ms D Hijazi

Ms E Leong

Ms K Richards

Mr J Schwarzkopf

Ms R Wright


History - F

Ms E Christian (HT)

Mr L Brown (Rel HT)

Ms C Charalambous

Mr P Donohoe

M Matanovic (p/t)

Mrs K Stewart (p/t)

Ms R Taleb

Mr J Wallington


Home Economics - A

Mr M McLean (HT)

Ms T Gianacas

Ms K Hong

Ms S Taimins

Industrial Arts - C

Mr M McLean (HT)

Mr W Andrews

Mr D Bullen

Mr C Carroll


Language - French/Italan

Ms C Mateus


Learning Assistance/ESL/Language - Japanese - D

Ms A K-Thwaites (HT)

Ms I Sharma

Ms P Brown (p/t)

Ms M Kairouz  (p/t)

Ms D Lai

Mrs A Smith

Ms K Kenny (0.4)

 Ms C Pennell (SLSO)


Ms F Chmali

Mr D Criniti

Mr L Nolan

Ms V Sharma


Ms S Li

Ms J Sobrevega


Ms J Blue  (HT)

Mr S Chetty (p/t)

Mr A D'Souza

Mr G Dawood

Ms S Ing

Ms K M Leong

Ms E Nabham (p/t)

Ms L Nasser (p/t)

Ms P Poon

Ms J Rankins

Ms M Soneji

Mr J Wang



Mr L Jones (HT)

Ms A Bogard

Ms E Brennan

Mr J Bullen

Mr Y Chahrouk

Ms J Gavric


Science - E

Ms S Singh (HT)

Ms K Baker

Mrs M El Rayes

Ms T Khunger

Ms H Kim

Ms M Ndukwu (p/t)

Mr C Raftopoulos

Ms T Smith

Mr C Trovato


Social Science - A

Ms N Benton  (HT)

Mr S Aweida

Ms L Moalem

Mr J Rabadi

Mrs S Rani

Mr A Viller

Ms L Zhao (p/t)

Ms I El Charkawi (p/t)


Sport Co-ordinator

Mr Y Chahrouk


Technology (E Down)

Mrs K Dolleiser


Transition Adviser

Ms R El Samman


Vision Support

Ms N Pecotich


Hearing Support

Ms M Marchant



Ms M Liau (DP)

 Mr S Maharaj (HT)

VET Coordinator

Mr M McLean


Student Engagement

Mr P Htoo (Rlg HT)


Year Advisers 2017

Year 7 - Ms S Ing

Year  8 - Ms J Rankins 

  Year  9 - Ms K Baker

Year  10 - Mr D Criniti

    Year 11 - Mr J Bullen 

   Year 12 - Mr J Wang



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