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Location & transport



  • In the morning, the bus leaves Chester Hill Railway Station at 8.32am.
  • Buses can also be caught from Fairfield (7.58am) and Guildford (8.15am) areas.
  • In the afternoon, buses for Chester Hill Railway station, Fairfield and Guildford leave school between3.20pm and 3.35pm.
  • On Monday and Tuesday afternoons the buses leave school between 2.35pm and 2.55pm.

Parents should contact their local bus companies to obtain timetable information.  Transdev (8700 0555)



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Contact us to find out more about our school and to see if your child is eligible to enrol.


OPAL Cards - School OPAL Cards - Phone 131 500

Contact us for information about transport routes or other travel arrangements to and from school, or to find out more about our school.

Student conduct when travelling

Transport assistance

The school student transport scheme provides subsidised travel on rail, bus, ferry and long distance coach services for eligible students.

The private vehicle conveyance scheme is available to eligible families in isolated or rural areas where there is no accessible public transport. Parents are reimbursed for the costs of driving their children to a transport pick-up point.

Transport for students with disabilities

Students with a disability may be eligible for the Assisted School Travel Program.

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