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Getting involved

The School Council

What is the School Council

The School Council consists of the Principal, the President of the Community Forum, two other parent representatives and three other school staff representatives.  To this group, up to four other representatives may be added – two student representatives, elected from the Year 11/12 membership of the SRC and two representatives appointed to the Council from the local community.

When does it meet?

The council meets at least eight times per year.

What does it do?

The major roles of the School Council are to:-

  • Determine the aims and educational goals of the school
  • Identify local educational needs and priorities
  • Determine local student welfare policies and the school's Fair Discipline Code
  • Determine the school's broad budget priorities and develop a budget plan
  • Advise the Principal on the implementation of the budget plan
  • Establish effective liaison with other school/community committees to promote activities consistent with school policies
  • Present and promote a positive image of the school in the local community, in order to increase parent and community awareness and willingness to become involved in the school
  • Provide an annual report to the school community on the activities of the School Council

Community Forum

Our Community Forum brings the school community together. Parents, teachers and community members can help meet the needs of the school community and contribute to decisions about the school.

The Community Forum meets regularly with dates and times available on the school calendar, the newsletter and the Miller Rd sign.  Parents are welcome and will learn many things about the school.

Vietnamese Parent Group

The Vietnamese Parents Group meets once a term on a Monday evening in the Library.

Arabic Parents Group

The Arabic Parents Group meets once a term on a Monday evening in the Library.

Pacific Community Parents Group

The Pacific Community Parents Group meetings to be advised.

Karen Parents Group

The Karen Parents Group meetings to be advised.


All upcoming meetings are noted on the school calendar, the newsletter and the Miller Rd sign.


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