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If you wish to enrol your student at Chester Hill High School please fill in the following "Expression of Interest" form and return it to the school office.

Expression of Interest

We can help you with your enrolment enquiries anytime throughout the year.

High school expressions of interest

If your child is currently enrolled in another public or non-government school, and you wish to apply to enrol in our school, contact us to obtain an expression of interest form to complete and return to us.

We will contact you once a decision has been made about your child's potential enrolment, and next steps.

If your child has a temporary visa or visitor visa you will first need to apply to enrol by contacting the temporary residents program who will give you forms to bring to the school.

It's important that you tell the principal if your child has any special circumstances, allergies, health or medical conditions, before your child starts school.

 If your child is an international student you will need to apply to enrol by contacting the International Students program.

Click on the link below to find out how to apply.

 International Students

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