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Aboriginal Education

Clarissa Brown graduating from UTS University Summer School

Aboriginal Graduation Board


Aboriginal Education At Chester Hill High School

Our vision for our Aboriginal students is to reach their potential by providing high quality learning and engaging students in a nurturing environment.

We value our Aboriginal Families and work in partnership with our AECG, the school Aboriginal community, and support agencies. Students have an appreciation of Aboriginal culture and are working together towards Reconciliation.

We work closely with  Darug Elders and District Aboriginal Support officers to provide our students with support and links to their Aboriginal heritage.

All Aboriginal students have access to in-class support by our Aboriginal Teacher.   Senior students are further supported with individualised tutoring on the subjects they are studying for the HSC.  This occurs before or after school or during the students' study periods if timetable permits.  The students also have access to the Homework Centre, which operates Wednesdays and Thursdays afternoon, to complete homework and assignments.

All students have Personalised Learning Pathways, which have been developed in conjuctions with the families, community representatives, the Aboriginal teacher and the Head Teacher Learning Support.  These plans will be evaluated at the end of each year to assess progress and evaluate further goals. 

The school's Aboriginal Education is expressed through a variety of programmes.


Aboriginal Programs

In considering our objectives and outcomes, the Aboriginal Support teacher addresses the types of unique issues and adversities faced by Aboriginal students' learning experiences and provide further educational support. The school will endeavour to give support and assistance in areas such as:

*Assisting students where necessary in gaining meaningful employment or work skills

*Improving health/or access to health services and government initiatives

*strengthening cultural identity and build positive bonds/connections with the community.

To enhance Aboriginal students' learning experiences and provide further educational support, the school has implemented the following programs.


University Programs

University of Technology Sydney, UTS, "How Big Are Your Dreams" Program. This program assists Aboriginal Students to stay at school and go on to university or TAFE.

These programs celebrate what it is to be an Aboriginal young person and learn more about the histories and stories of Aboriginal people.Helping students to set goals and give support towards achieving them.‚Äč

Two of our students have graduated from this program.


UTS Summer School

This is held in the January school holidays. The program is for students from low SES schools who may have never considered university.

Our first Aboriginal student to enter University, is now studying for a degree in Social Sciences at the UWS Campus.


Other Programs include but are not limited to:

Sydney University Indigenous Day. For Yrs. 7 and 8.

Traineeships for students.  For example, Attorney General's office at Parramatta.

South Western Sydney Region Aboriginal Student Achievement Awards - Two CHHS students have been recipients of these awards.

Aboriginal Parent and Community Meetings  once a term, with guest speakers invited to attend.

School to Work Program with the NRL focusing on students strengths and building partnerships and pathways for employment.

Kari Scholarships for Aboriginal students.

University of Western Sydney Aboriginal Camp for Senior Students interested in pursuing University studies in the Sciences field.

Aboriginal Dance Ensemble for Schools Spectacular.

Aboriginal dancers invited to perform at our local schools' assemblies and celebrations.

Various programs for Aboriginal students in Years 11 and 12 to create pathways to successful careers.


Student Attendance

Attendance is checked daily and students phoned if absent. Students who are regularly absent are referred to the HSLO and/or the Aboriginal HSLO.

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