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School To Work

Five Principles of Career Development

1.      Change is constant

Recognise that the world around you is constantly changing and that you need to be open to change and remain alert to new opportunities.

2.      Learning is ongoing

Stay motivated by learning new skills and recognising and developing your talents. Aim for continuous personal improvement.

3.      Focus on the journey

Your career journey is one that will take you through your lifetime. Don't just focus on the destination. Every experience you have along the way is teaching you something about yourself and should be valued.

4.      Know yourself, believe in yourself and follow your heart

Pursue your passion to find fulfilment. Find ways to combine your interests with career opportunities.

5.      Access your allies

Your family, friends, mentors, colleagues, peers and teachers are your allies – rely on them for support. Career success is very often a team effort.

DEEWR and www.ncdw.com.au  

School to Work Program

The School To Work Program is introduced to the majority of students at Chester Hill High School in Year 10. This program is introduced in Careers lessons and then this is complemented by work in individual faculties.

In previous years the School To Work Program was recorded in an ‘Employment Related Skills Logbook', a blue folder. This logbook is now available online and as Year 10 students have laptops as part of the technology revolution ‘Laptops for Learning' students will be working on their logbooks electronically.

The ‘Employment Related Skills Logbook' is on-line and has interactive templates that students can save electronically. This can be accessed by clicking here.

The Logbook on-line, the Student Pathways Survey and myfuture are also available on the Student Portal home page. To get to the DET Portal click here.

Careers Resources

Parents, carers and students can access a number of valuable careers resources. Here is a summary of the resources currently available.

(Coming soon)

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