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Academic opportunities

The competitive arena awaits students with the chance to excel in public speaking, debating, web design, student newspapers, environmental management and much more. Keep up to date with all the state-wide competitions that are running this year.

Explore the DET arts unit's website to find out about state-based and national debating, public speaking and spelling events.


Writer's Group

Here are a selection of stories written by members of the 2009 Writer's Group. These students attended the Sydney Writer's Festival in May. They heard inspiring and sometimes humorous anecdotes and advice on the process of writing from an impressive line-up of successful teenage fiction writers. Students selected their own narrative subjects and set about developing their quite diverse styles in work-shops, which this year focused on character development.


An Unlikely Visitor  (Alice Tran, Year 8)

The Escape (Balsam Shehab, Year 9)

Pictures Mean More Than Words (Lillian Cherry, Year 9)

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