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 PISA is an international assessment, occurring every three years, which measures skills in mathematics, science, reading, problem solving and financial literacy at a point when students have almost finished their compulsory schooling. PISA helps to inform policy makers involved with education on how well schools are succeeding in helping students to acquire the skills and knowledge they will need to meet challenges beyond school. 

Since the first PISA assessment in 2000, the survey has continued to raise interest amongst educators and policy-makers world-wide.  In 2012, Australia will be one of almost 70 countries participating in PISA. More than 800 schools and over 15 000 students will represent our country in this important project.

PISA is part of the National Assessment Program in Australia.  Participation in these sample assessments is an obligation for government schools under the National Education Agreement between the Commonwealth and the States and Territories, and an obligation for non-government schools under Commonwealth schools funding legislation and funding agreements for 2009-2012. 

What will PISA mean for our school?

Twenty-five students who are randomly selected from our school will be sampled to complete a two-hour paper-based assessment consisting of mathematics, science, financial literacy and reading questions.  These students will also be asked to complete a questionnaire. 

After the paper-based assessment and questionnaire, a sub-sample of 20 students who participated in the paper-based assessment will also participate in a computer-based assessment of problem solving, mathematical literacy and reading literacy.


                   Date of Assessment:            WEDNESDAY 22 AUGUST 2012


                   PISA School Coordinator:    Y. BHAMJEE


                   PISA IT Coordinator:            O. WILLIAMS


                   ACER- PISA Project Information Line: 1800 280 625

Every participating school and student has an important role in showing the rest of the world what Australia can do.


 ACER will provide your school and participating students with a certificate, recognising their contribution, and students will receive results from PISA.  Each student will also receive a small gift in appreciation of their participation.

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